Chest Defibrillation - The Thing (5 10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

Chest Defibrillation - The Thing (5 10) Movie CLIP (1982) HD

The Thing


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Chapter overviewEdit

Enjoy the little things-2937


to become what we are involves decision

aristotle to copernicus to kant to bentham to darwin to freud

moral law is founded on desire that puts human choice and decision out of the reach of traditional virtue

"A primary task for concept avatar is as consultant on embodiment” and it is “manager of a new prudence” (150).

the new modality for a community is no longer prudence, duty, or utility, but sublimation (153)

the new moral imperative is: enjoy!

the key word is "energy" Concept avatar personifies the council of five demigods

the Overwhelming is us (our embodiment)



Heidegger's Introduction to Metaphysics provides framework for Concept Avatar as it relates to enjoyment

he shifted from pure to practical reason; he was a philosopher of prudence like Aristotle and Machiavelli

Heidegger decided to become a Nazi hinking he could influence tyrants, but realized he could not.

he produced an account of practical reason, enabling his theories to be an ethics by engaging with his time

but as Aristotle said, philosophical wisdom is only achieved with difficulty, if at all,

and Heidegger lacked the know-how and the cool to suceed

His arguing for the end of metaphysics is a case for the end of literacy

the ambition of Internet wisdom is to correlate historical decision with individual decision

Being is an emergent feature of written language

alethia = emergence of something from nothing

phusis =  force of nature

Being is composed of 2 moments

-realization of appearing

-taking measure of what has appeared

Aristotelian categories forget Being - the event of coming into appearance.

Heidegger's proposal for ELECTRACY is to recover this experience of emergence (thus, EMERGENCY)

as a jumping off point for a new orientation for the Real.

Electrate metaphysics uses epideictic rhetoric as a departure point


“The pre-Socratic Greeks identified three ontological paths: being, non-being (becoming, nothing), appearance In the age of the world picture, the society of the spectacle, aka the ELECTRATE public sphere is APPEARANCE, aka Heidegger's "celebrity"

“Electracy as the apparatus of our image spectacle necessarily commits to a metaphysics of appearances” (158).

“Flash reason constructs The Media Spectacle into an ontology of second nature” (158).

Lacan argues that the human subject is an emergent effect of the poetic operations of language



Inventing FLASH REASON works by analogy to propose choral thinking

that extends writing to include the imaging technologies of ELECTRACY

In short (thank goodness), you disclose disasters

Problems B Us (problems are us; we are the problems??) - motto of Avatar Emercy

Avatar is not "thyself"

The Thing is not an object standing over against a subject, but is at once outside and inside the person.

Here is the key to the Avatar effect:

Concept Avatar thinks extimacy (Oh, I get it!)

Lacan highlights Heidegger's perception of the Greek jug as a signifier - the use of its containing power to signify something else of a different order!

"It creates the void and thereby produces the possibility of filling it" - i.e., emptiness and fullness come into being in the same sense, on the basis of this fabricated signifier

The cavity of the jug allegorizes the relationship between the hole opened in the Real by language and the orifices of the body.

Holes/Interface openings of the body are central to electrate metaphysics

"The courtier uses the fantasy of the Lady protectively, to maintain a safe distance form the Thing, that in one version is the truth of human mortality, the death drive, the reality named in the pun connecting screwing with being fucked (over). Lacan's interest in the hole, the lack, and its management in sublimation, is that paradoxically it opens the possibility of freedom from the determinism of nature. These theories unpack the conditions of the ELECTRATE axis of pleasure-pain, the complexity, to be taken into account in FLASH REASON. There is a psychic equivalent to the atomic energy at work in Things (jouissance). The Allegory of Prudence records an appearance of this energy, a persona of CONCEPT AVATAR.


The Thing

Other sections where enjoyment is discussedEdit

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Problems B Us - motto of Concept Avatar; i.e. you disclose disaster (161)

Concept Avatar thinks extimacy (162)


Here is how chora is used in this section:

Lacan "attempts to evoke an understanding of chora, and hence like everyone else who has ever addressed this region, is forced to use the "bastard" language of figuration, as Plato said. Like Plato, who introduced chora to metaphysics, Lacan also uses mathematics to account for its operations, with the difference that Lacan understands his appropriations of topology and set theory as figural (not "topology" but "topologerie")" (159).

Flash ReasonEdit

Here's how Flash Reason is dealt with in this chaper: “Flash reason constructs The Media Spectacle into an ontology of second nature” (158).

"Inventing FLASH REASON works by analogy to propose choral thinking, that extends writing to include the imaging technologies of ELECTRACY" (160).